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Microfiber Cloths 16" x 16"

Size Variable: Color

Size Array: red, blue, green, yellow

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Length: 5 in.

Width: 4 in.

Depth: 6 in.

The towels that work and then work some more, and limit the spread of germs with color-coded cloths. Use one color on the outside of urinals/toilets and another on mirrors, counters and sinks. Microfiber cloths conserve water, reduce use of disposable products and require fewer chemicals. Can be used wet or dry and up to 1,500 wash cycles. Application: Bathrooms (typically Red) General Purpose Blue, Yellow, Green. Microfiber Cloths 1 of the same color come with each order.

Item: Microfiber Cloths 16" x 16"

Item no. 1616 Series

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