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Flex Duster Wand & Sleeve

Weight: 1 lbs.

Length: 29 in.

Width: 3 in.

Depth: 2 in.

Anyone cleaning needs this Heavy Duty Flex Duster System - 6" handle and 29" Overall Flat, Flexible, Extend-able Washable! Microfiber Sleeve securely locks onto Flex Duster Wand, which bends and remains in any desired position to allow effective cleaning in tight, hard-to-reach areas. Microfiber sleeve can be Laundered hundreds of times-29" overall the wand can also be attached to a 2 Section Telescopic 8' Pole on this website, providing an 8" overall reach with duster and handle. Order extra Replacement Microfiber Sleeves for Flex Duster on this website.

Item: Flex Duster Wand & Sleeve

Item no. 1629

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