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Disposable Toilet Floor Mat 6 each

Weight: 6 lbs.

Length: 24 in.

Width: 3 in.

Depth: 23 in.

Disposable Toilet Floor Mat 6 each - are used with Commodes and save hundreds of maintenance dollars. Each mat lasts 4- 6 weeks. Urine splash and drips around urinals and commodes are effectively contained 24/7. Safety is first, as Super Absorbent Mats reduce moisture slippery conditions. Protects floors from stains and uric acid damage. No-slip design prevents mat-sliding. Mats can be mopped over, or removed for total floor cleaning or left in place. Unit of 1 contains 6 mats

Item: Disposable Toilet Floor Mat 6 each

Item no. 1085

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