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28 quart Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Wastebasket, UL Listed

Weight: 6.75 lbs.

Length: 20 in.

Width: 9.3 in.

Depth: 16.8 in.

UL Classified Wastebaskets (Classified by Underwriters Laboratories), Non-Metallic receptacle contains burning material without melting or adding fuel to the containers content. A reliable container for industrial and hospital use. Fiberglass containers have rounded corners and won't chip, dent, rust. Volume: 7 gal. (28 qt), 16" x 8.5" x 14" UL Listed wastebaskets are required for healthcare or anywhere there is a need for extra fire safety. This 28 quart wastebasket is made of fiberglass and comes in Black, Brown, Light Grey and Sand, 28UL.SD

Item: 28 quart Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Wastebasket, UL Listed

Item no. 28UL Series

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