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14 quart Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Wastebasket, UL Listed

Weight: 4.28 lbs.

Length: 18 in.

Width: 11 in.

Depth: 9 in.

UL Classified Wastebaskets (Classified by Underwriters Laboratories), Non-Metallic receptacle contains burning material without melting or adding fuel to the containers content. A reliable container for industrial and hospital use. Fiberglass containers have rounded corners and won't chip, dent, rust. Volume: 3.5 gal. (14 qt), 11" x 7.88" x 12.25" UL Listed wastebaskets are required for healthcare or anywhere there is a need for extra fire safety. UL wastebasket comes in Black (BK), Brown (BN), Light Grey (LG) and Sand (SD), and contains burning paper without the wastebasket melting or contributing fuel to the container's contents

Item: 14 quart Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Wastebasket, UL Listed

Item no. 14UL Series

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