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Janitor Cart w/Heavy Duty Zipper Vinyl Bag

Weight: 32 lbs.

Length: 34 in.

Width: 4.4 in.

Depth: 21.5 in.

Collect waste and transport accessories for commercial cleaning with our Janitor Cart. Easy to clean Structo Plastic with Adjustable center shelf. Handle folds for convenient storage. BackSaver Zippered Vinyl bag included, as well as Molded-in hooks for tools and mop handles. Vinyl bag replacements fit all Janitor carts on this website. Bottom shelf accommodates most buckets and barrels. Non-Marking 8" rear wheels 3" swivel casters. Smooth, easy-to-clean surface

Item: Janitor Cart w/Heavy Duty Zipper Vinyl Bag

Item no. 6151

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