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Moss HD Metal Floor Squeegee 22" or 30"

Size Variable: length

Size Array: 22 in., 30 in.

Weight: 1 lbs.

Width: 7.8 in.

Depth: 5 in.

This Heavy Duty Moss Floor Squeegee has excellent elasticity and a high resistance to tearing. The closed cells of the moss rubber do not absorb liquid works equally well on smooth or uneven surfaces made of a rust resistant galvanized metal frame. Moss rubber resists UV radiation, which prevents cracking ideal tool for safer, dryer floors. The squeegee frame has a Universal Handle Socket that secures with screw and nut. The recommended Handle for this Moss Squeegees is the 51" aluminum handle with ABS grip on this website

Item: Moss HD Metal Floor Squeegee 22" or 30"

Item no. 7086 Series

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